The pose was over, time to release and begin a new posture. Only, I knew I would fall behind the class. My hip muscles wouldn’t fire for a few moments while I repositioned. Now, I felt the so…

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The pose was over, time to release and begin a new posture. Only, I knew I would fall behind the class. My hip muscles wouldn’t fire for a few moments while I repositioned. Now, I felt the soreness and locking in the joint. A fine point of pain closest to my groin. “What is that?!” I would ponder the pain that would ease to discomfort over the next hour.

That was five years ago. Now the hip locks, the muscles ache and sometimes I fall because the muscle groups won’t budge. The body avoids pain, even the perception that the next thing you’re about to do might cause pain. Little by little the hip has become frozen. Along with things I love like running, yoga and hiking. All of them frozen while I wait for help. Wait for medical experts to work their magic. Re-gift my ability to participate in marathons or at least running for fun. Give back my hiking in mountains and meditating in lotus pose.

Five years this pain has rode shotgun as my official naysayer, the enemy of fun. 


Technicallacetabular-labral-tear-in-the-hipy, it is a hip labral tear. Complicated by some back issues from sports and being beyond the age of 30, my injury requires surgical intervention. I have been waiting 11 months for an arthrogram MRI in order to pinpoint the site and extent of the deterioration. Recently I was informed it might be another 12 months before this diagnostic procedure would happen. Too long, too many months of being froze.

In desperation, I researched paying out of pocket for the arthrogram. The quote came back quickly, $1450 CAD for the procedure and, wow, they perform it within two weeks! Now, you might think I should jump on this. Maybe you think I should have acted sooner, found this out sooner, been on the mend sooner. Yet, all things happen for a reason. An orthopedic surgeon saw me last week. He said they can inject cortisone directly into the hip as a diagnostic measure.

If the injection knocks out the pain “Bingo!” we know that’s the problem; the iceberg to my Titanic.


If the injection doesn’t elevate the pain, it’s not the hip but likely the back. So, you see, had I rushed to the arthrogram it may have been in vain. (Not, vein, as I would have said if I thought the pun was a good one, as it is I didn’t.)

Today, I wait some more. Don’t think of the summer just around the corner. Another summer without running, hiking or yoga in the park. When you are active, like I was, the world is different. My perception of the world was framed by my direct iglam night with my lovernteraction with it, nature and our physicality with each other. I compare it to a beautiful dress. The difference between seeing the dress in a shop window and wearing it against your skin under the stars in your lovers arms.
For now, I look at the world without being in the world. At least that’s how it feels. By this time next year, that dress will lay intimately against my skin. I will throw my head back and laugh, twirl and dance in the moonlight with my lover’s lips pressed to my neck.

snow shoe 2015trampolinedolphin swimWinter run 2013154428_10200181897980142_507312284_n




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Personal Training Myths

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Personal Training Myths

To begin, everyone beyond the age of 3 has preconceived notions about most of life. Our brains constantly attempt to categorize people, experiences, flavors, and sounds into “Friend” or “Foe”. If you remember biology class from high school you may recall the fight-or-flight response or the Sympathetic Nervous System. Stress, caused by most any event can trigger this physiological expression. Working out, gyms, subconscious negative association can flip the switch. Suddenly your Personal Training session, your workout, is a battle.

Gyms are scary. Not knowing what all that silly looking equipment is for is intimidating, the sounds, the smells can all put you off and deter you from getting fit. Anxiety about new experiences is natural. Having a full blown panic attack is counter-productive and normal. Yes, normal. For more information about Automatic Negative Thought response see this link Stopping Automatic Negative Thoughts[1]. To assist you I have made a list of common myths, expectations you might have about gyms and personal training. I hope to provide a bit of comfort and comic relief before you arrive in the gym.


  1. “Everyone is looking at me, it’s embarrassing!” No one cares what you look like. Truly, everyone feels self-conscious at the gym. The trick is to pretend they are blind. Now if you decide to work out in a onesie from your wrestling days circa 1940’s you might cause a stir. Wear something comfortable, gasp, even a smile. Nothing says confident like a smile. Hire a trainer, working out with someone there makes you focus on the workout and less about others.


  1. “What if someone says something or asks me something!” No one is going to talk to you. Well the staff will but that’s it. Unless you are trapped under something heavy, no one will try to engage in conversation. Also, wear earbuds or headphones, most everyone does. This makes you feel invisible. Don’t believe me? I can tell you, every day at least one gym member farts while working out. I am not wearing earbuds, I also don’t have a stuffed up nose. A personal trainer or a complete tour of the facility can alleviate some anxiety for you. You don’t need to know everything.


  1. “I don’t know what I am doing and I am no good at sports!” Gym class is over. High school is over. You do not have to be a football quarterback or a dancer to enjoy working out as an adult. Forget phys.ed. You are going to the gym, not an eternal game of dodge ball. Try to enjoy it. Freud studied psychology because he was a head case himself. Most fitness professionals have struggled at one time with either injury or failure at something that’s why they train and studied health sciences.


  1. “Everyone there is fit; I am a blob I don’t fit in at the gym!” Everyone started where you are. That lovely lady in the skimpy yoga gear started out soft and intimidated. That fella with the barely there muscle shirt had to workout in his basement for years before feeling strong enough for the gym. Go, improve and think if they can do it so can I. Your personal trainer can share many stories with you about how this myth “everyone is fit” simply is not true. Be patient and trust that change is possible for you if you earn it.


  1. “Everyone knows I am fat and out of shape, it’s humiliating!” There will be those at the gym that judge. Thankfully they judge everyone, themselves most of all! And not just at the gym. Everywhere those (ladies, sadly it’s the females) people go, they whisper and gawk. Feel sorry for them. Gravity is working on them too only their mouth is flapping too much for them to notice. Trust me; they perform too much cardio and not enough weight lifting. In 5 year’s time they will be the ones a young version of them is whispering about. Gym time=Karma+Gravity. Personal Trainers can help you laugh at this one or can be your buffer against this type of rudeness. I stand as a physical shield quite often when the client looks uncomfortable with something or someone. We are there to help not ridicule.


Finally, the gym is for anyone. Look around with honest eyes. There are retired people, cardiac surgery recovery people, obese people, fit people and people that just want to enjoy life. Embrace the reason why you started and forget about the reasons others are there. You own that gym as much as anyone. My advice? Hire a trainer. Then. Strut.

[1] The Anxiety Network 2014©  http://anxietynetwork.com/content/stopping-automatic-negative-thoughts


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Every end is a new beginning

Source: Every end is a new beginning

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Every end is a new beginning

B-fit Healthy Lifestyles New Year Tips

Be healthy, and practical!

It’s that time of year when people feel a sense of renewal. A wonderful time to reflect on professional and personal goals for this brand new year. I am interested in your plans. Let’s meet for a coffee and set out some fitness, lifestyle and health related goals. Let’s be sure they are specific to you, measurable in a real life sense, attainable with the right coaching and determination, realistic and relatable to your other life goals and finally HABIT forming. (You thought I would say ‘timely’!)  You can do this! We can do this together.

To quote one of our heroes, Transcendentalist scribe and exquisite thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “You have done what you could—some blunders and absurdities have crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

For more information and a chance to sit down and strategize, contact me!

Welcome to 2016 my fantastic current clients!
You can expect me to contact you in the next day or two to settle on a go-forward January training schedule. Thank you for your hard work, faith in the process and trust in me. Let’s knock 2016 on it’s kester and have fun doing it! 😉

Yours in health,


B-fierce | B-inspiring | B-tough |  Above all Be Kind.
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Haven’t been here for a while…

I cannot even remember the date of my last blog. Yikes! My own fitness journey has been fun, awful, an adventure, a disaster over the last year. When things like this happen I go to my wheelhouse. What do I do best? Well, it seems after some careful reflection and asking around it turns out I am happiest and sweetest and my beDoubleFacePalmst self when I am helping people, writing, blogging, creating healthy menus and meals and working out like a crazy woman. Guess what that means folks? You guessed it, I am gonna churn out my tips and tricks and you are just going to have to learn to find the ‘delete’ button or the ‘like’ button, lots and lots of times. Life is about choices ain’t it?

My next three blogs are on; Macros, back to basics and how to apply them, Weight, what does weight even tell you about your health anyway?, Effort, how much, how often, pain and gain are related – DEAL with IT.

Thanks for keeping the faith, read ya later!

cycle of life

B-fit, B-kind.

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Can You Be Fit Without Pain?


How many times have you heard “No Pain, No Gain” or gym members beside you telling a friend “I couldn’t get up the stairs for two days I was so sore!”? That pain and soreness is one aspect of physiological adaptation to specific stimuli. This type of pain is acute pain, relatively short-lived and resolved by over the counter anti-inflammatory medication and/or pain medications (NSAIDs). Another more insidious pain type is chronic pain, and overwhelming physical, mental and emotional experience that does not respond to OTC or prescribed medications continuing long after any incident or surgery that caused it.

The International Association for the Study of Pain‘s widely used definition states: “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.”

In order to successful navigate fitness, sports and workouts in general there needs to be a clearly of the air on what is actual acute or chronic pain and what is necessary even beneficial discomfort.

For my purposes I am borrowing the following definitions for acute pain, chronic pain and discomfort as they pertain to exercise and physical effort.


Discomfort is the lack of comfort, yes, that sucks as a definition. It is an inconvenience, annoyance, even a hardship of sorts and is immediately alleviated by simply stopping the effort.

This is what you want to feel. If you manage to make yourself uncomfortable when you workout, perform in sports or complete physiotherapy sessions kudos. Thumbs down if you don’t.


Pain is the body’s primary warning signal that alerts us to a problem. It tends to come on suddenly and is sharp, pointed, shooting, aching or irritating. It is often located in a joint or deep in the bones. It tends to quickly catch your attention precisely because we are meant to listen and act on any feelings of pain.

|Chronic Pain|

PainChronic pain is entirely different for either of these physiological responses. The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Chronic Pain and Disability describes it as;

Chronic pain is pain that doesn’t go away after three months. Chronic pain can be intermittent (occurring on and off). It may vary with intensity during the day or it can be persistent. Chronic pain can result from a known cause, such as surgery or inflamed joints, or a consequence of a disease process, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Many times the cause is unknown.

Chronic pain can be an abnormal processing of pain where the original injury or cause of acute pain has resolved, but the warning system has failed to shut off.

|The Cycle of Pain|

Does not shut off. That part is important. The body fails to identify when the threat of injury has passed and continues to send signals to the brain, surrounding tissue and the sympathetic nervous system that something is awry. The chemicalpain-spasm-pain cascade that results includes harmful (over time) chemicals. Cortisol is one and happens to be the primary stress signal for the body. Chronic pain cause the body to overproduced this chemical. Single bursts of exposure to cortisol in real life threatening or body harming events are okay even acceptable. The chemical signals increased blood flow to the major muscles and away from the body surface, it also contributes to the release of glucose into the blood stream. As you can imagine from what you have heard about insulin and diabetes, chronically elevated blood glucose levels tires out the liver and kidneys due to excessive storage and filtration requirements. The pancreas works overtime producing insulin to carry the glucose into the cells of muscles and the liver. Too much glucose present in the blood stream sends a message to the pancreas that the glucose needs to be stored in the form of adipose tissue or fat. Pain —> Stress —> Weight Gain

Of course things are a wee bit more complicated than my brief description but you get the picture. Pain above a 4 on the pain scale that just never seems to go away can cause you more harm than the event that triggered it in the first place. (Car accident, surgery…)


To summarize so far, discomfort is Okay! but pain or chronic pain is not. Fitness and the pursuit of physical activity doesn’t necessitate pain. Having said that, workouts should push you, cause you soreness some stiffness even. Just remember that if it doesn’t go away it may be a problem.

Now, on to the emotional aspect of pain. As mentioned earlier, pain has an emotional component and it is associated with actions that MAY harm. Negative association with physical fitness or exercise including in childhood the emotional element because important to be aware of. Research from 2005 found that expectation of pain increases the likelihood of experiencing pain even a heightened intensity of the pain experienced. One charming nugget from this study was this, decreasing anxiety regarding a procedure or exercise through education, instruction and encouragement reduced the level of pain and even removed pain entirely. The question remains what is the link between expectation, anxiety and pain?

If you know someone who experiences pain during workouts, sports or exercise in general. Encourage them to see a health expert to uncover non-medical solutions before reaching for the television remote and two Advil.

Here are some healthy tips to dealing with pain:

  1. Get enough sleep. Rest is when the body repairs and restores itself. Give it at least 6-8 hours a night.
  2. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga all help people resist the urge to run from discomfort or pain. The body learns to cope with the anxiety in a safe environment and to allow overzealous pain receptors to calibrate to a healthy pain range.
  3. Ice is your friend. An ice pack application to the affected area for no longer than 20 minutes is normally sufficient in reducing mild pain or discomfort. Anything that persists beyond 48 hours may require medical advice.
  4. Exercise R E G U L A R I L Y once a week or a couple of times a month and you will likely always experience pain. Get regular.
  5. Eat in a way that assists with healing and reducing general inflammation. Omega oils, loads of water, lean protein and a bit more fiber than usual with help with exercise recovery.
  6. Stretch before exercise, cool down after. Then keep moving the next day with mild exercise.
  7. Reduce stress with everything mentioned already but throw in music you love to chill out to.
  8. Find support in friends and family that have experienced pain and understand how it can affect most areas of life.

If you think that you suffer from chronic pain and it is affecting your emotional well-being – speak up! Tell friends, your doctor, or seek out local support. In Regina, CBI Rehabilitation Clinics, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Regina Sport & Physiotherapy Clinic, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre to name a few places that deal with those suffering with chronic pain.

Don’t suffer, speak out.


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Hi, thanks for visiting. I am Beverly, and I hold a Bachelors of Kinesiology, have 500+ hours of rehabilitation experience in exercise therapy and I am a Certified Personal Trainer from CSEP. In addition, I have over 15 years of sports related experience and 5 years of coaching sports and fitness activities. Enjoy your life, you are what you do when no one is looking so do great things.

Why this Page? Healthy lifestyles produce healthy people, families, communities, cities, regions and countries. My goal is to help others find that “perfect fit” for a physical activity. Whatever you choose, enjoy it! Snowshoe if it is winter, ice skate, go skiing, re-learn the fun of sliding down a hill on a sled. Need a brain kick start? Go for a jog or run. Yoga seems too weird, try dance classes. Walking saves lives – try that!

Oh yeah…
Message me here if you are looking for information on a specific topic and you are unsure you have a creditable source, I can help! ♥

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You Only Have Enough Energy For One Choice

   Often I see new clients at a crossroad. Out of trepidation they stand with one foot firmly in the past and the other in their future. Two choices, two possible outcomes that require all your energy, time and resources. I don’t mean your financial or material resources but your inner resources. Undertaking personal change, self-improvement or self-evolution demands much, deserves much. No matter the goal be it healthy eating, improved fitness, meeting a physical challenge of any kind requires something no one really discusses. It requires brass, chutzpah. You need to boldly turn away from your former self and embrace the new you that has not yet materialized. You only have enough energy for one choice.

Make that decision and own it. Be a lazy person that sleeps in and shuns physical exercise. BE that if your choice is to skip training sessions, fail to complete the homework or neglect to bring 100% of your effort each and every time you train. Be overweight, plump, big-boned whatever you want to refer to yourself as if you choose to over-indulge in food, soda pop or what have you. If you are truly a foodie and as a result eat more than your person can utilize then the outcome is weight gain. Without compensating for the input with output you have made the choice silently. If you choose to eat and not workout be happy with what you have. The choice, after all, is yours.

These choices I refer to are more than temporary ideals, fancy ways to spend 12 weeks then revert back to your old ways. What I am really asking of you is to dig deeper. Consider that your personal values those core beliefs you espouse to follow are what drive your daily choices. Therefore, rather than state you will lose weight through exercise check your values. Do you value your health and the way you represent yourself in life? Are you affronted by others that do not care for themselves yet feel you are immune? Do you value a balanced life that embraces great food and a great health? Are you proud of how you look and feel?
If you quietly assess your true motivation your honest goals you will find that the choices are simple. Do what you must to up hold your values. If you have been lax in the physical fitness department andconsistency gotten a little soft admit it, accept it, forgive yourself and get back to your beliefs. The guilt people complain about feeling when they gain weight or give up a hobby is not necessarily about the physical results but the emotional and self-conceptual ones. You just don’t like yourself that much when you offend your own value system. You let yourself down.

The best thing about this soul-searching and value defining exercise is that it is much more motivating than all the other empty things we do in order to “change”. Looking for the best workouts, buying new workout gear, new gym memberships, fitness magazines… and on and on. We find we have all the intrinsic motivation we need when we calibrate our life with our values.Motivation begets desire and desire begets action which leads to results and it self perpetuates. You only have enough energy for one choice. Either make a change that reflects who you really are or don’t and live that life instead. Standing with one foot in the lazy life and one foot in the active life will lead nowhere you want to be and you will be drained when you get there. Choose wisely.Integrity-is-choosing-your-thoughts

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